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@Kathryntessa | New York CIty

Just knowing you don’t care now hurts the most, my soul feels punctured and the weakness spreads through my veins, a growing infection seeping in shooting pains down my bones.

A friendship is all I asked for.

What drives you to hate me? A curse of my name lingering in your conscious mind draining and driving you to push me completely out. You look at me now pissing all over me with words, sharp blunt cuts that burn each minute longer. I lose all of myself feeling truly alone for once forcing myself to feel the agony of the things I did to spite you for hurting me. Days I lost thought of you and became careless. Forcing it in and breathing the hurt you felt knowing I had no desire for you.

I sit here weighing out my loss.

But I almost think I enjoy the rejection. Why do I want you I don’t even fucking know! You only burn holes through me and tell me too keep my lips pressed. You put me under your feet and degrade me. And I can’t but help to wanna share my heart with you and submit.


✌️❤️🙏 Hello from NY.